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01 April 2006 @ 01:11 pm
in an attempt to further procrastinate, i thought it might be cool if we got to know each other in this rather small, but awesomely rad community!
so, maybe just write who you are, and some general random comments about you and your love for elliot spencer/abc kids!
marycampbell88 on April 1st, 2006 06:31 am (UTC)
wooo :P
so, im mary. i like music, cherishing my immaturity, journalism and wearing cltohes because they are cool.
i love abc kids, but unfortunately dont get to watch it as much as i would like! but my fav shows are all the old school ones that remind me of my youth: round the twist, sesame street, captain planet and madeleine. however, seriously enjoy fairly odd parents :P
Emma SpyCat: elliot spencerspy_cat on April 1st, 2006 01:54 pm (UTC)
What a wonderful idea!
I am Emma, and I created this community in a fit of uber-Elliot-love.
I want to live in the 1930s and I like to dress 30s, in fact I just love to dress...mmm clothes...(I am one of those people you see wandering around wearing new and unusual things nearly every day -- either that or trench coats and argyle).
I shall one day write a ground-breaking novel.
I heart ABC kids...well, obviously, but at the moment my work (dominos ugh) and uni has been taking up too much time so I haven't been regularly watching it - sniff.
Oh well...holidays in a week...then alllll the time in the world! :D
pinkstrawspinkstraws on April 9th, 2006 11:21 am (UTC)
Well then...
I'm ash, and in keeping with the username, I in fact like pink straws, or straws in general if you are in a generalizing mood. I like the more unheard of bands of the times, and wish to see Elliot off the tv. I am currently ecstatic, because we are witnessing the weather become cooler. I love abc kids, and Elliot, however I cant say I watch it much as I would like. I wish Out There would come back to me, until then I shall continue to hope…