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Whoa! We love Elliot!
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Elliot Spencer
Elliot's the kind of guy that likes to walk around saying..."I'm the kind of guy who at the end of the day is just a normal guy who doesn't mind referring to himself as the kind of guy who doesn't mind a bit of harmless fun" (as opposed to harmful fun).

likes... Searching for the answers to the questions that haven't been asked, breaking down the barriers imposed by common sense and disproving established reason.
hates... Reflections in the mirror that don't comform to the way that you think you look, and people who say "remember brevity, less is more"...wrong...more is more, end of story.
star sign... Gemini and Gemini and Gemini and Gemini recurring.
eats... I only eat food that has already been tested by my tasters...you can never be to careful. Indian and Japanese are the best, but not mixed together in a milkshake despite what you've read.


This community is dedicated to Elliot Spencer, because he is uber cool, and hott.

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